About us

MBA was founded in 2017 after Mario Belloli’ project to meet the needs of the billboard paper digital printing industry. How? By Increasing production capacity with reliable and sustainable technologies that reduce the production costs involved in all aspects like consumables, operators time, consumption and machines maintenance.

A shift towards sustainable technologies, using water-based inks, was essential to replace the existing solvent based digital printers in the market.

The strategy consisted in offering an ALL-IN customized and highly efficient solution, from the file reception until the printed job ready to be delivered.

Focused on innovation, sustainability and customer service, MBA chose the best players and adapted existing technologies of the textile industry to print poster papers. MBA partnership with MS Printing Solutions guarantees the TOP quality technologies on printing units and technical support.

On the other hand, Isocarbo Srl supports MBA in developing special water-based inks that guarantee brilliant printing quality and advanced applications.

MBA develops and produces all elements to perform the ALL-IN solution. To this aim, innovative Jumbo Feeders have been designed to load bigger rolls of paper, reduce the material cost and the manipulation time from operators.

MBA also produces the tunnel dryer to work with water-based inks on poster paper by respecting the requirements from billboard paper applications.

Fast on Paper became and is still the referent machinery in the market of poster paper production.

Since 2017, we have been introducing new developments and innovations:


First tests of Isonik Inks on Roll to Roll JP4 machines


At Fespa, MBA launches the Roll to Sheet JP7 and successfully replaces several solvent machines in the market


At Fespa, MBA launches the Roll to Sheet JPK, the fastest digital printer machine for billboard paper worldwide.

Development of secondary jumbo feeder for RTS JP7 machines to combine 2 loading rolls and efficiently combine the production of 2 different papers.


MBA develops the new model Roll to Sheet JP4, the perfect machine for medium-large production volumes in a very compact format with very low power consumption.

MBA develops an innovative jumbo roll feeder with mechanic arms and no internal cylinder to ease the replacement of rolls and reduce the space needed behind machine.


MBA launch another new model, the Roll to Sheet JP4 EVO with 2 rolls loading Jumbo and Mini Jumbo.