Fotoba XLD High Speed Inline 170-210 cm


Air-forced & IR-Lamps


MS JPK, 1000 sqm/h, 32 Kyocera KJ4B Printheads

Fast speed up to 1.000 sqm/h
Produce more than 3M sqm/year with only one operator

Choose Fast on Paper RTS JPK for industrial production of poster paper. The machine is designed for fully autonomous operation. It is the solution for large companies in the market and the alternative to move from offset production to digital printing. Adapt your production plant to the market evolution, last minute orders, reduced runs and personalized ads that requires digital printing technologies with no limits on productivity.

Jumbo Roll Feeding system

Max. paper roll width: 2.100 mm

Max. paper roll weight: 1.800 kg

Max. paper roll diameter 1500 mm

Roll replacement significantly simplified and speeded up. A special system with mechanical arms driven by pistons and hydraulic power unit lifts the roll into the unwinding position

Digital Printing Unit MS JPK

Productivity up to 1.000 sqm/h

Maximum Printing width 210 cm

32 Kyocera ph 600×600 dpi 4-12 pl

Ink tank capacity: 20 L x colour CMYK

Vacuum belt system stably transports media

Head crash protective system by laser-beam sensors

3 automatic print head cleanings: soft/normal/strong

Magnetic linear motor for accurate printing at higher speeds

Operator interface with touch screen display

controlling all machine operative parameters


User friendly interface with touch screen technology

Optimization functionality

Print is prepared in few, simple and intuitive steps, thus avoiding mistakes and long waiting time for data preparation

Performance and maximum productivity

User Interface Management

Printer Communication Management

Communication Management with RIP software

Processing the required prints

Storage of prints

Combi Dryer

A combination of Air Force and Infra-Red Lamps

The water evaporates by means of hot air and the pigment is fixed on media by IR lamps, enabling media manipulation and application immediately after printing

Cutting Unit

At the end of the line, the cutting unit automatically receives your printing job ready for delivery

Fotoba XLD High Speed Inline 210 cm / 170 cm

Unattended cutting

Synchronized with printer speed

Edge Tracking

Water based digital inks

ISONIK PG -K21 is a digital water-based pigment ink suitable for printing on different kind of papers and/or cellulosic based substrates. Choosing ISONIK PG-K21 means to prefer, at the same performance, an ECO- Friendly process vs a traditional UV/solvent process, by preserving the unchanged quality of the final product. The increasingly restrictive regulations for workplace safety and environmental quality standards, as well as the optimization of production and process costs, has led users to choose for a water-based solution. Results obtained from detailed laboratory and on-site tests executed by leading printing mills, confirm that ISONIK PG-K21 is the best solution for graphic printing on paper, being able to satisfy the necessary requirements of the sector it is addressed, such as billboards, advertising banners, indoor and outdoor decoration.The colors of the Isonik PG-K21 series are the result of a careful accurate selection of colour -indexed pigments based on typical traditional offset technology of this sector. The intense and vivid colour range of Isonik PG-K21 give supply offer an ample profound colour space which gives the possibility to obtain brilliant tones able to attract public attention, a dominant factor in the entire advertising field.

Its innovative formulation confers optimal drying properties both on blue/white back paper specific for the billboarding sector and all the substrates normally used in similar graphic field. The rheological properties of the product give him optimal run-ability skill. Isonik PG-K21 is suitable for printing on blue/white back papers, digital or offset, and on all the cellulose-based supports, specific for hoardings, posters, billposting, backlights, indoor/outdoor decoration, pop-ups, sales outlets packaging and graphic advertising printouts.

Environmental care